Top 9 Best Hiking Shorts For Men In 2022

The best hiking shorts for men is one of the most necessary hiking gears in your outfit. Take a look at this article below. 

The best hiking shorts for men are ideal for long outdoor activities with summer weather conditions. If you have a plan like that, this is what you need to add to your list of things to prepare for your trip. Let your hiking go smoothly and full of fun. 

The following article points out the types of the best hiking shorts for men on the market nowadays. Depending on the material, length, and features that come with it, there will be different needs to suit you well. Consider and choose the best companion for you. 

  • Little Donkey Andy Men’s Stretch Hiking Shorts


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Firstly, the Little Donkey Andy brand offers a range of stretch hiking shorts for men hikers. Composed of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex composition, it creates a lightweight, durable, and 4-way stretchy fabric for enhanced movement and comfort. Moreover, this fabric also has water-repellent properties so it does not get wet and uncomfortable. 

Not only that, but the UPF 50+ sun protection function is also an advantage. The waistband is elastic and comes with many belt loops for convenient adjustment. It also features multiple cargo pockets and zipper pockets. You can easily store essential tools during the adventure. 



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Secondly, the Kolongvangie’s Men’s hiking shorts will provide a super lightweight shorts experience. The design is not too fussy but classic. And the length of the pant is moderate, not too short for the knees. The fabric material is integrated with 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex.

At the same time, it also features the UPF 50+ to prevent 99.5% of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Your skin is protected promptly and safely during the trip with this friendly product. This hiking shorts’ texture applies the Rugged Flex stretch technology for more flexible movement compared to other products. 



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Thirdly, the Souke Sports Men’s Workout Running Hiking Shorts also received a lot of love from men hikers. Fabric is the first factor that will conquer you. Unlike other products, this product consists of two layers. The inner layer is a premium black inner short which provides a comfortable and comfortable fit in every move. 

The outer layer is durable, dries quickly without fraying or tearing. The design uses drawstring instead of buttons like the products above. It doesn’t have too many pockets. This product line also has a few eye-catching patterns that you can refer to. 



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The hiking shorts for men can’t help but remember the Wrangler Authentics brand. A first draw is that the trail style is great for your hiking. There are a variety of 6 color schemes for this lineup to choose from for your outfit.

What’s more, this brand uses 100% cotton for this product line for optimum comfort performance. The arrangement of cargo flap pockets, back Velcro pockets, and slash pockets is very reasonable and convenient to store essential items. You can easily hook your hands into the pockets and use them right away.



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The Columbia Men’s Brewha Shorts are not too unfamiliar names for those who specialize in outdoor activities. This men’s hiking short is made of 100% cotton granite fabric for a vintage feel. Therefore, you touch it soft without being rough and move easily in each terrain.

Furthermore, this brand applies the OMNI-SHADE technology together with a tightly woven texture to create a layer of anti-UVA and UVB rays and damage to the skin. The design has pockets with diverse features. You can store your personal items or drink handhelds. 



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The Rdruko Men’s Outdoor Sports Hiking Shorts is also the tough competitor on this list. The material is a perfect combination of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex to create a smooth, durable, fast-drying surface. You can take advantage of these shorts for hiking treks.

With this hiking short structure, it is designed with six functional pockets, 2 zippered cargo pockets, 2 Velcro pockets at the back, and slanted pockets. You also rest assured that it also has UPF 50+ that protects against the sun and harmful UV rays when traveling in the sun.



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The men’s hiking shorts of the Mesinsefra brand will extend this article further. The design is a liberal and classic style that is great for outdoor activities. This product uses 100% high-quality Polyester to create a quick dry, durable, stretchy, non-fray fabric.

Besides, the waistband is stretchy, so it fits any body shape. To increase choice, the product also offers a variety of bright and youthful colors. The pockets are carefully placed in each different location for convenient storage. 



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If you want to protect your skin during hiking from harsh sunlight and ultraviolet rays, the Naviskin Men’s UPF 50+ Hiking Shorts is the answer to crush your question. Unlike the products above, this Naviskin hiking short is completely made of 100% Nylon to create a lighter, breathable, and dry layer.

On top of that, the thing to consider is the UPF rating up to 50+. Even if you are going for a long walk, your skin will still be carefully protected by the solid shield of the Naviskin brand. The waist part is designed to be the best stretchable for adjustment and comes with a removable belt. 



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The final product is the Savane Men’s Cargo Hiking Shorts. The first difference is the shorter length compared to the products above. The design is simple but still meets the criteria of comfort, durability, and lightness. Moreover, the UPF function protects against sun and harmful UV rays are 30. The material is built with strong texture by 100% quality cotton. Therefore, you should consider its feature for your hiking.

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