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Best Paraglider – If you’re in search of best paragliders, then you have arrived at the correct place. Because of the availability of numerous brands in market, it gets difficult to find best paragliders for leisure and safe flying. Hence, to make your flying leisure and safe, given below is the list of top 10 best paragliding parachutes available in the market for all different pilots.

Ozone Paragliders


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AEROS Vitamin 2

 Vitamin 2 is one of the best option available for beginners and as well as for experienced pilots. It is the ideal wing to fly or glide in the sky. Vitamin 2 can easily perform all the functions that are required for training and confidence in the air i.e a responsive handling, a high-level security and easy to start feature. A broad range of safe running control lines fitted in this paragliding equipment helps the pilots feel better and avoid any type of mistake during flight.

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 Phaeton 38

 Due to perfect aerodynamic properties, Phaeton 38 is best paragliding model available in the market for all kind of pilots. The high aerodynamic efficiency and the high-speed range of this paragliding equipment comfortably allows you to make perfect take-offs and landings. The wings of this equipment are perfectly designed for all kind of steep and long operations. If you’re a beginner or experienced, you can surely go for Phaeton 38.

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GIN Puma – Lightweight D

 The GIN Puma – Lightweight D is good enough to take on the trail, and fast enough for record-breaking. Pilots who wants compete in tournaments or who just want the maximum performance in a lightweight wing, can definitely look no further than the Puma. This equipment is light and compact enough for hike ’n fly races and performs easier nil wind take-offs. Due to the high wing stability, the wing is able to reach a very high speed easily. Even at high speeds, the glide remains flat and stable. The cost of this glider in market is around $4,800.

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Advance ALPHA 7


 The ALPHA 7 can be your perfect partner in spreading your wings like a bird, step lightly into the air and simply fly away. This glider comes with modern technology combined with the highest quality materials that ensures your safety during mid-flight. You can avail maximum flying fun guarantee with this glider. It comes with a brand- new feature that it remains EN/LTF B certified over its entire weight range. It is available in the market at the price range of around $3800.

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 For years the PI series has given the best Hike & Fly package for hikers in terms of performance and a fun factor. ADVANCE PI 3 carries “Light Versatility” motto which makes it higher significant in this third generation and it is even lighter and more compact. The sizes of this glider are directed towards extreme conditions  Hike & Fly adventures and have been optimised for minimum weight and volume. This product can be avail at a price of around $4000.

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Gin Yeti 5

 The Yeti 5 is a light wing suitable for beginners to experienced pilots and gives leisurely hiking adventures. The low stall speed of this best paraglider makes gentle and controlled landings even in the tightest spots. Whether you’re a hike ’n fly experienced or a student pilot, the Yeti 5 is sure to provide the key to your adventure. In rougher and   challenging conditions, its damped behaviour gives the wing a solid and secure feel. Gin Yeti 5 can be easily avail in market at the cost of around $4000.

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GIN Camino

Gin Camino offers an alluring blend of smooth, agile handling and a practical performance. This paraglider will suit pilots who not only like to fly far but also who loves adventure, traveling fast and light. This gliding equipment offers smooth inflation and easy take-off in all wind conditions and an excellent performance over the entire speed range in turbulence. This can be avail at the cost of around $4400.

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The NOVA MENTOR 6 comes with the tradition of complementing the durability of its forerunners with revolutions that enhances the performance even more. The increased accelerated glide, easy trailing, lightweight cloth, aerodynamically optimised 3D-shaped seams and less brake pressure makes NOVA MENTOR 6 a special one for all kind of users. The experienced pilots who like to fly at high speed for long will definitely love the performance of this glider. This product can be easily avail in market at the price range of $4200. 

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The latest two-liner model are made for the greatest demands under extreme conditions. Its performance and light build make the OMEGA XALPS 3 the first choice for cross country pilots. This glider is special as a two-liner because of its performance, simplicity and minimal weight. The price range of this one of the best paragliders are quite high but its full value for money. It can be avail at a price of around $5600.

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GIN Leopard

The GIN Leopard’s performance and ease will suit all competitive pilots who are looking to progress to the highest levels of flying. The Equalized Pressure Technology for inflation, dual hang points for optimal alteration to the motor and adjustable position of upper brake to suit pilot needs makes this glider a flying beast. This glider can be purchased at a cost of around $4200.

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