Top 8++ Best Paragliding Helmets

Best Paragliding Helmets – A best quality helmet is one of the most important thing that you should take care of once you are starting paragliding solo. Choosing the best paragliding helmet is not a simple task. Taking care of your safety during your flight must be your first responsibility, but also it is very important to keep in mind your comfort and your budget for shopping helmet. So, it is fine to give some extra time to doing research and comparing different alternatives of numerous paragliding helmets brands available in market. If you want to find the best one for you, given below is the list of top 10 paragliding helmets which will definitely match your budget and your experience in this sport.

Charly Insider Helmet

Charlie Insider Helmet is one of the best helmet for paragliders and is manufactured by Finsterwalder. The main features that makes this helmet a best one are its full face protection, best quality three coat lacquer, and  light weight. This helmet has a very comfortable, semi-streamlined shape with perfect vision and can easily accommodate goggles. The Charly Insider helmet also meets the requirement for CEN Standard EN 966. This helmet can be avail easily in the market at the cost of around $225.

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The Charly Loop

res a strong, ABS shell, and best quality shock gripping foam. The shell and the foam of this helmet is properly vented which makes the helmet more comfortably cool in hot weather flight. The interior lining of this helmet is easily washable and replaceable. The charly loop helmet is a perfect choice for student pilots, experienced pilots and for anyone looking for Certified protection. The price range of this helmet in market is around $175.

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Solar X Helmet

The Solar X helmet has a modern design and comes with less width and weight and offers less resistance during flight. The 3mm polycarbonate shell of this helmet makes it very hard and the inner polystyrene has two channels to generate airflow inside the helmet during flight. This helmet also features a plastic coated stainless steel wire sidepieces and a micrometric chin strap. The weight of this helmet is around 550 grams and meets the requirements of certified EN 966. The price range of this helmet is around $300 in market.

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 The Ozone Nutshell helmet is specially designed for airborne sports and meets EN 966 standards. A EPS impact foam liner in this helmet provides shock absorption and is covered by an ABS shell for safety during flight. The main features that make this helmet a perfect one for paragliding are its passive ventilation goggle strap, clip system and 11 air vents. This helmet can be easily avail in market at a price range of about $200.

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Plusmax PlusAir 1


The Plusmax PlusAir 1 is sports helmet that has been specially certified for activities such as paragliding. So if you want helmet for your paragliding flight you’ve found it. This helmet is available in seven colours and sizes up to extra large. This helmet is also consistent with  optional chin guard, turning this helmet into a full face.  The ABS shell and EPS shock absorbing interior fitted in this helmet offer great safety and comfort during your flight. This helmet can be avail at a price of around $175.

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Fly Gin Helmet


Suitable for all types of pilots, this helmet is manufactured with a tough ABS shell combined with an EPS interior for maximum shock absorbing qualities and is specially designed for your safety during flight. The helmet is lined in velour for a enjoyable match. Another best feature that makes this helmet a best choice for paragliders is that it is available with a detachable chin guard that can be fitted when required or attached for a full functional full face helmet. The Fly Gin Helmet and optional chin guard comes in 4 colours and 6 sizes and can be easily purchased from market at a price of around $190.

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Charly No Limit Jet

Normally, This helmet is the open face version of the Charly No Limit full face helmet. The Charly No Limit Jet is a very tough helmet manufactured from vacuum moulded kevlar with a scratch resistant coating and includes a wide panoramic visor that can see be used glasses. The standard clear visor of this helmet offers full UV protection and has been designed for bad weather conditions. A soft and comfortable interior finishes this best paragliding helmet. This helmet is Perfect choice for pilots who want a more open face helmet but still with aerodynamic benefits. This helmet can be purchased at a price of around $265.

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The Nerv Helmet


The Nerv helmet is the latest model in the Icaro helmet series. This helmet is a versatile helmet for paragliding activities. The outer shell of this helmet is made up of 3mm thick polycarbonate shell which makes it very strong and light weight. The internal shell consists of polystyrene reinforced with layer of polycarbonate to achieve the requirements of the E.N. 966 certification. The Nerv Helmet also features a ventilation ducts for increased air flow and has an optional visor. The ability to add the visor can be handy in all types of weather conditions. The price range of this helmet in market is around $280.

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