Top 10 Best Water Purifier For Hiking in 2021

The best water purifier for hiking will have to balance the supply of purified water and ensure flexibility during long-haul travel. You cannot carry an enormous water tank from home to the destination of conquest. However, you are not able to drink water from strange sources such as rivers, streams, lakes, and so on. Because they contain many harmful substances, bacteria, viruses, and more that you cannot see with the naked eye.
So, the water purifier dedicated to hiking would be the key to solve this problem. It is equipped with specialized and advanced filters to remove other harmful things while still convenient, compact for you to carry. Take a look at some of the best water purifier for hiking and pick up one of them below.

  • Grayl Geopress 24oz Water Purifier For Hiking

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This dynamic product is from the GRAYL Geopress Water Purifier line. It is ideal for hiking during your outdoor journey. You can drink purified water at any of the stops. Because the filter is qualified to remove protozoa, viruses, and bacteria. Clean filtration performance is fast in 8 seconds with 24oz of water.

Instead of sucking, chemicals, batteries, hoses, or pumps, this water purifier does not take you much time because of its very simple operation. You use body gravity to press down through the SoftPress Comfort Pads. So you will immediately have clean water to supply your body.

  • Survivor Filter Pro Hand Pump Water Purifier

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The Survivor Filter Pro is proven to be highly effective. It can filter and remove 99.99% of parasites, bacteria, VOCs, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, unpleasant and odors taste. This will be a great advantage of the product. With the lightweight pump design, you can easily carry it on your side and flexibly use it in any environment.

The filtration efficiency is healthy up to 100,000 liters through a 3-stage filtration system (ultrafilter pre-filter, carbon filter, internal ultrafilter). Another highlight about this product is that it has a filter level of 0.01 microns. It is rated for the highest filtration level and the best available today.

  • FS-TFC Personal Mini Water Purifier

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This straw water purifier is from the FS-TFC brand. The texture is compact and convenient for its many uses such as pouch to mouth, a pouch to bottle, cup to mouth, groundwater to mouth, silicone hose-mouth, gravity filtration. Any water source will be filtered out of harmful substances and unpleasant odors.

This product is also equipped with a perfect 3-stage filter, pre-filter, 0.01-micron hollow fiber UF membrane, activated carbon fiber. Enjoy less worry about your trip with this helpful product.

  • Waterdrop Gravity Bag Water Purifier

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The above products will be suitable for large groups of people that require high filtration quality and water capacity of up to 100,000 gallons. The design is versatile to use for a variety of purposes. Both ends of it are detachable for connection to a water bottle or water bag. Therefore, you will easily have clean water anywhere and at any time in any form.

This Waterdrop brand brings premium materials to make your experiences better. It is extremely effective to limit 99% of harmful substances. Otherwise, the high-grade coconut shell activated carbon fiber is the bottom line of this product. You will see a noticeable improvement from color to taste after the filter.

  • MSR TrailShot Pocket-Sized Water Purifier

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The MSR TrailShot water purifier is an impressive product in terms of design. For optimal convenience and space savings, pocket-sized designs are given special attention. You can store it in your pocket, or backpack with the ultralightweight, 5 ounces.

It is possible to drink directly from the source or hydration pack or fill a water bottle. You only need one hand to operate and filter 1 liter of water in 60 seconds. Due to the support of hollow fiber technology, it is difficult for toxic substances to overcome this trap.

  • Purewell 4 Filter Stages Water Purifier

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Add another product from the pump water purifier line, this is the Purewell brand. Filtration efficiency is super fast up to 14000 ml per minute. You absolutely have a quick amount of clean water to quench your thirst and share it with your companions.

The side and bottom of the product are covered with a special rubber layer to prevent slipping on all surfaces. This way, the water purification process will take place safely and smoothly as well as the increased durability.

To ensure the quality of pure water, the water will initially go through four stages of filtration including medical grade PP cotton, a coconut shell activated carbon rod, high quality activated carbon fiber, and medical-grade hollow fiber UF membrane.

  • Lifestraw Flex Multi-function Water Purifier

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If you like straw water purifier, this LifeStraw Flex is also worth the trust of hikers. The design is compact at 0.11 pounds. This product will challenge the water through 2 solid walls, a hollow fiber membrane, activated carbon. These are all common and important methods to get clean water from harmful substances and bacteria up to 99.99%.

Because of the straw texture, there are many different uses you can use except the usual one. You can use a collapsible bottle, most standard-sized hydration bladders, most plastic bottles, or a gravity system. In general, it depends on the case to choose the most appropriate way. 

  • Easy Health Solutions Portable Water Purifier

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The Easy Health Solutions water purifier is also known to be an effective water filtration solution for your hiking. It is suitable for a person and safe throughout your journey. The active features are effective to filter sediment, microplastics, waste, and harmful substances through the Ultra Filter membranes.

The design is flexible to attach both ends without the need to lay on the groundwater to drinking water. You can drink water while walking with the help of standard screw-top bottles, a water-filled hydration bladder, and tubing. Therefore, you will experience many things while walking while on the move.

  • Moko Ultra Filter Water Purifier

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The next product is the Moko water purifier. This is also one of the perfect survival gears for hiking plans. The issue of clean water and lightness is focused so you don’t need to be suspicious of the product. The operation is easy, just use your hand to pump up and down.

Besides, the carbon filter is replaceable and supplies up to 3,000 liters (660 gallons) of purified water, exactly 0.123 gallons per minute. The filtration process takes place carefully through three stages, a sediment pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a hollow membrane ultrafilter.

  • Simpure 3L Gravity-FED Bag Water Purifier 

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The final water purifier product belongs to SimPure’s brand product line. With this design, you can use it like a straw or gravity bag. All of them bring the same effect. The rate of filtration was up to 27 liters per hour. 

A filter system is not only advanced but also quality. The purified water journey will have to go through three phases ranging from 0.2-micron PP fiber filter to 5-micron coconut shell GAC filter and 0.1-micron hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. Please rest assured about what the product offers.


This article has compiled the prominent faces representing the best water purifier for hiking on the market. Whether it is of the straw, pump, or gravity bag design, it offers excellent filtration efficiency and is safe. You’ll be more confident and fit enough to conquer new experiences throughout your hiking.

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